Covid regulations

Last update: November 11th, 2021

We are super excited to welcome you all back at Augsburg and to be able to host the event! However, due to the Covid-regulations in place by the state and local authorities, the event will likely still be impacted by regulations, although we sincerely hope that the situation steadily improves. The information given below is the information at the time of the last update (see above), as the event approaches we will update regularly. We try to make the event as comfortable as possible, but need to reinforce the rules below.

We are dedicated to make the 2022 Augsburg Jazz Rhythms a safe experience for everyone. Therefore, the Augsburg Jazz Rhythms 2022 will be a "only Covic-vaccinated or Covid-recovered" (German "2G" event. If there are still spots left a week before the event and the regulations permit, we will open the event to people who are neihter vaccinated nor recovered and the tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We are in continuous contact with the authorities in regard any regulations and will inform you here on all Covid-regulations that apply at the event.

We kindly ask and recommend that all participants do a Covid-test before the event.

Please read carefully and contact us at if you have any questions.

Individual sign-up and rotation in class for dances with partners

For partner dances, you can only sign up with a partner. Both partners need to be either vaccinated or Covid-recovered to participate. Currently, rotation in class is possible on voluntary basis.

Evening Social Dance

There are limited spots for the evening social dances. You need to be either vaccinated or Covid-recovered to participate . To attend, you do not have to participate in the Augsburg Jazz Rhythms. However, since spots are limited, please book early to save your spot.


Masks must be worn at any time inside the building and dance studio, except at your dancing spot during the workshop or to drink something. Please keep a distance from others of 1,5 m at all times whenever possible. We do not accept cotton or plastic masks. If you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, please provide us with a current documentation signed by a certified medical practicioner on official paper at the entrance.

Hygiene / air filtration

Please use the desinfectant provided and wash your hands regularly. The air conditioning will be on full level to ensure the repeated exchange of air with air from the outside several times per hour. It might be chilly, so please bring a pullover or scarf just in case. While you may of course put that pullover/scarf on during class, we kindly ask you that you already come to the event dressed in your dancing clothes.

Vaccinated or recovered (German "2G rule") - no exceptions

To attend, you either

  • must be fully vaccinated (two weeks after the last shot) and bring your vaccination certificates

  • be Covid recovered (min. 28 days after recovery, max. 6 months after recovery) and bring your official documentation by a certified medical professional.

We reccomend and kindly ask all attendees do a a current antigen-test with official documentation (!!!no self-test!!!) that is max. 24 hrs old OR PCR test that is max. 48hrs old with official documentation, since you can still have Covid even if you are vaccinated/recovered but do now show symptoms and can infect others.

Please provide your record at the entrance. We are not permitted to allow anybody into the studio without these records.

If you cannot provide any of the "2G" (vaccinated, recovered) documentations, we are not permitted to allow you into the studio, we are very sorry.

No attendance if sick, covid-contact or no quarantine if from risk/variant area

You cannot attend if you are sick, were in contact with a person who has a covid-infection or come from a high risk or covid-variant area without quarantine and negative test. If in doubt or you do not feel well, please do not come to the studio.

Contact data

If your contact data has changed since you signed up, please let us know, since we must have current phone and/or e-mail contact information just in case.

Check back regularly

Since the regulations might change, please check and your e-mails, if you have already signed up, prior to the event.

Before signing up...

Before booking, please also check our terms and conditions. By signing up for the event, you agree to check and follow any covid-restrictions in place by the state and local public authorities both at your travel origin as well as at the venue and adhere to the rules at our studio.

International attendees

Please check your regulations that apply for you leaving your country/travel origin and entering Germany with ample time before the event and book your trip/hotel accordingly, those might include quarantine rules/ additonal testing regulations and/or documentation! Please also be aware that your vaccine must be approved within the EU - see

Testing options at Augsburg

If you would like to do a test at Augsburg, you can find the locations here:

International attendees: please note that you might already need the test for entering Germany, please plan accordingly for both your travels and the festival (lab time!).


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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