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Early Bird Prices until January 31st 2024

Early Bird Prices will be available until January 31st as shown in the table below. After January 31st, prices will go up to the crossed out prices as shown in! 

Normal Bird Prices from February 1st 2024

On February 1st prices will go up to the crossed out prices in the table below.

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199€  209€

199€  209€

35€ 39€






Tipps for booking

How does it work with tickets for single leaders and followers and the waiting list? The long answer:

For a balanced experience we only allow a certain number of surplus leaders or followers. Therefore, if there is an adequate balance, tickets for both roles are available as long as the complete workshop is not already sold out.  If there are no tickets available for your role but for the other role, it means, that the maximum surplus of your role has been reached or all tickets of your role are sold. As long as partner tickets are available, there is a chance (not a guarantee!) that a ticket for your role will be available later. But this is only if someone buys a single ticket for the other role. If there are not even partner tickets anymore, that means your role is completely sold out.

That means the availability of tickets for your role may change later due to purchases of tickets of the other role. If you want to purchase a ticket and your role is currently not available you can check later or you can sign up on the waiting list.

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